If you're looking for a product that's easy to install without the additional cost of protective lamination, we have the perfect solutions for all floor graphics.

SpotOn Floor 200 has been specifically developed for short-term, indoor non-slip floor graphics - boasting easy application to multiple flooring surfaces including carpets, tiles, wood, concrete and more. The embossed matte white PVC film is coated on one side with a dot pattern, allowing for bubble-free application as well as fast and clean removal without the need for tools. This Drytac product has a Class B1 fire rating as well as a low slip accreditation making it the perfect product for internal public spaces.

Polar Street FX is a PVC free, aluminium floor media that delivers superb quality graphics while being resistant to scuffing and high traffic for up to 12 months. Another superb Drytac product that has a remarkable low slip potential rating in dry and wet conditions. The high tack permanent adhesive properties allow for application on rough surfaces such as brick, concrete and tarmac.

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