Polar Street FX is a tough and resilient PVC free, aluminium floor media that does not require any additional lamination. With Raccoon’s high-quality UV printing, you can deliver superb quality graphics while being resistant to scuffing and high traffic indoors and outdoors for up to 12 months.

A superb Drytac product that has a remarkable low slip potential rating, allowing you to apply floor graphics in dry and wet conditions with confidence. The high tack permanent adhesive properties allow for simple roller application on rough surfaces such as brick, concrete and tarmac.

Specially designed to be scuff-resistant as well as non-slip, this 100% recyclable matt white film allows for excellent quality print. Without the need for any lamination, this all-in-one solution helps to speed up big projects. Raccoon use top quality UV inks to print our floor graphics, ensuring that you get a vibrant, eye-catching finished product.

Raccoon can print floor graphics at any size, if the finished size is wider than 120cm, we can tile with a printed overlap and create seamless join when applied. Click on the TEMPLATES & INFO tab for additional information including datasheets, slip ratings and fire certifications.

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