Outdoor Posters

Our outdoor printed posters have a vibrant look that delivers your message and holds up to the elements outside. We have a range of standard sizes available, however if you have a requirement that isn't listed we suggest using the Request a Quote and provide our team with the details.

 InchesCentimetresSafe Area (cm)
Double Crown20 x 3050.8 x 76.246.3 x 71.7
Double Royal25 x 4063.5 x 101.659 x 97.1
2 Sheet30 x 4076.2 x 101.671.7 x 97.1
4 Sheet40 x 60101.6 x 152.494.5 x 145.3
6 Sheet47.24120 x 180115 x 175

For indoor posters that won't be exposed to the weather try our
Standard Posters (for common sizes such as A2, A1, etc..) or Custom Posters for any size you like.

Print Media Options

115gsm Blueback Paper

This matt coated option is recommended for short term outdoor poster advertising. As the name suggests the paper has a characteristic blue back, this prevents show through from previous posters.

120gsm Top Colour Paper

The lighter of our two FSC-certified papers, this is the perfect option for high-quality indoor posters.

160gsm Top Colour Paper

A high white smooth, uncoated paper that is an ideal choice for posters and your Point Of Sale requirements.

300gsm Polyprop

A strong yet flexible plastic sheet, ideal for communication and display products. Its properties mean that it lets light through when backlit but still looks vibrant without backlighting. It is also a far more environmentally friendly product than PVC alternatives.


For posters 12 sheets or larger we suggest using vinyl.


Price Calculator

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