For maximum brand impact our 4m or 5m high performance outdoor telescopic flag is one of our largest flags on offer and therefore perfect for creating a lasting impression on your audience.

The telescopic flag will stand up to wind speeds of up to 35kph with a moulded sand/water base for additional stability and despite the size, it has great portability and ease of assembly.

We can print flags single or double-sided, just choose which option you would like in the price calculator. Remember to create your artwork for both sides within our design tool if you choose double-sided. Simply create the artwork on the tab that says 'Front' then click the 'Back' tab and do the same again.

Use our free design tool to create your artwork from a blank canvas, simply select your required size and get creating. Alternatively, download the template mask to use in your own design software, you can still return to Raccoon's designer and check your artwork fits inside the visual area.

To maintain your flag so it lasts as long as possible check out the helpful guide here.

Supplier Spec. Sheets

4m Telescopic Flag

5m Telescopic Flag

*Supplier spec sheets have been embedded into our design tool to help you get your design print ready first time. When using our design tool or a supplier spec sheet, please ensure your image background extends into any non-visible areas and that any text is comfortably within the parameters of the design so it isn't cut out when printed.

Price Calculator

Unit Price :£ 176.30

Unit Price :£ 211.56

Subtotal : £ 176.30

Vat : £ 35.26

Total : £ 211.56