Mactac StreetRap is the ideal film for applying graphics to outdoor and 'hard to stick' surfaces. It will adhere to asphalt, concrete and other outdoor surfaces.

It bonds well to flat or slightly rough, pedestrian traffic surfaces like concrete and asphalt thanks to its ability to shape to 2D or 3D riveted surfaces. The product has an outdoor durability of up to 6 months.

Almost anywhere you have pedestrian traffic, StreetRap can present your message to customers, clients, visitors and employees: Warehouses, commercial premises, public space, transport areas.


FloorGrip is a great laminate choice for shorter-term outdoor graphics or internal floor graphics, with a durability of 3 months outdoors and 1 year indoors.


StreetLam is an exceptionally clear satin non-slip laminate ideal for outdoor floor graphics with an outdoor durability of up to 6 months. Thanks laminate is designed to be paired with StreetRap making it perfect for footpaths, parking spaces, public transport, exhibitions, events, signage, and safety signage.

We can print graphics to any overall size, at a maximum material width of 1.5m. Finishing can include trimming to size or even cutting to shape using your supplied outline.

Datasheets, fire certificates and anti-slip ratings are available for this product and its laminate options under the TEMPLATES & INFO tab.

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