Outdoor Posters

Our outdoor printed posters have a vibrant look that delivers your message and holds up to the elements outside. We have a range of standard sizes available that are suitable for the most common applications of outdoor posters. Designed to stand up to UK weather, we use materials that are water-resistant, strong and less prone to tearing than standard paper so that your posters last. Our Blueback paper posters are suitable for pasting up onto billboards. Top colour paper posters are perfect for displaying behind perspex on bus shelters etc.

 InchesCentimetresSafe Area (cm)
Double Crown20 x 3050.8 x 76.246.3 x 71.7
Double Royal25 x 4063.5 x 101.659 x 97.1
2 Sheet30 x 4076.2 x 101.671.7 x 97.1
4 Sheet40 x 60101.6 x 152.494.5 x 145.3
6 Sheet47.24120 x 180115 x 175

Use our free designer app to create your artwork from a blank canvas, simply select your required size and get creating. If you're just looking to download a PDF artwork template for this product, our step by step guide will show you how. 

Print Media Options

We have a range of print media options to choose from to ensure we have posters suitable for any use you might need.

Print MediaFeatures
115gsm BluebackNo show-through from any posters underneath, great for backlit print.
120gsm Top ColourFSC certified paper, used for short to medium term postings.
160gsm Top ColourFSC certified high-quality paper, ideal for indoor posters and Point Of Sale.
240gsm Roll-up FilmGrey-backed, used for long term posting and roll-up displays.

Downloadable datasheets for each print media option are available under the Templates & Info tab.




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