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Total £ 72.72

Unit Price : £ 60.60Unit Price : £ 72.72


This sleek, single-sided roller banner is the most cost-effective printed roller banner in our range. It comes with the system neatly packaged in a carry case ready for you to assemble easily when setting up your display. Just take it out of the case, position the two stabilising feet and pull the banner up!

Our Entry R Banners are printed on high quality, 200mic multi-layered polypropylene film, ideal for indoor use with a matt coating on the front and a grey light block coating on the reverse side. This substrate provides superior print quality, a bright white appearance, an anti-glare matt surface, opaque against rear lights and excellent flatness when displayed. When laminated, the banner can also be used at outdoor events.

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When placing your order, you can simply upload your existing design or create a new one using our range of mask templates. Our designer at Raccoon will be happy to help if you want to check your artwork fits inside the visual area.


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